Free fantasy CS:GO esports

Build a team of current and future CS:GO superstars and earn points based on your team's weekly performance.

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Week 52 updatesMODDII: $1,569suNny: $274Jame: $181ISSAA: $134pashaBiceps: $125s1mple: $106ZywOo: $105huNter-: $91ropz: $90Brehze: $86KSCERATO: $86sergej: $80frozen: $80yuurih: $79valde: $79fer: $77BnTeT: $77tabseN: $74shox: $74es3tag: $70JaCkz: $70GuardiaN: $68nex: $68tarik: $66Aleksib: $66Snappi: $63ALEX: $62somebody: $62stanislaw: $62karrigan: $57

How to play

When you create a team, you will start with a budget of $16,000 to spend on players, each one priced differently based on their HLTV rating for recent LAN events. Simply click on a player card to acquire that player and repeat until you have a full 5-person team. You must be strategic with your spending and decide how you want to spread your team's talent around.

select players and win

As players compete in events during the year, their values will increase and decrease. The object of the game is to build a team that yields the best return on investment at the end of each quarter. You are allowed to swap players on your team at any time.